Log Entry 11-10-8

Best decision I ever made, bringing Miss Raven on board. Not only is she a mighty fine-looking woman, she’s got more contacts than I can shake a stick at and I’m a fair hand at shaking sticks. She got us through the blockade and saw to it we got three days on Hera.

I looked up Boots and he got us in touch with an old buddy, Joe. Seems he’s wearing purple now, but it ain’t for true. Seems a lot of folk is wearing purple what don’t want to be. Also saw a lot of them coats looking a might dirty.

Right now, we’re waiting on word back from Joe about some more work. Ain’t enough rot gut on this planet to wash the sight of purple in my hold out of my brain pan. I keep telling myself like I told the crew, the best way at the beast is from the belly and we aim to hit that belly, even if it means getting us swallowed up.

Zen’s awful twitchy over his momma and rightly so. I surely would not wish that endurance and agrievance on my own sainted mother, nor on my Bess. Maybe I’ll take him over to see Miss Trina, see if there’s something to his liking. Of course, Josiah’d be better company and he did say he was partial to red-heads. But Zen could use the type of forgetting that only one of Miss Trina’s fine ladies can bring.

Log Entry 11-10-8

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