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    h1. Welcome to the wiki! [[Setting | Campaign Setting]] [[Ship | Redemption]] [[Planets | Planet Info]] [[Organizations | Organizations in the Verse]] [[Locations | Locations]] [[Captain's Log | Captain's Log]]

  • Setting

    Serenity is an RPG based on Joss Whedon's TV and Movie series Firefly/Serenity. Our game is set right after the broadcast regarding Miranda, a planet that was lost to the Verse, hidden by the Alliance and its researchers. Prior to the broadcast, the …

  • Ship

    Kwai Su Nyao Ship Background:     Manufactured by Lu Se Jiang (Green River) shipping, Kwai Su Nyao literally means "Swift Ox". The ship was designed as a tramp freighter with enough brute force and ignorance to get her across the ?Verse in short order …

  • Organizations

    There are many organizations through the 'Verse! This here page will link to those that are well known or become known by the party. Not all will be listed here, but I hope this will be useful, just-the-same. [[Alliance | The Purple Bellies]] [[ …

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