Lexi Cooper

Lexi Cooper 'The Doc'


Lexi was born on Lilac. She lived a pretty good life and while it was tough growing up on one of the outer worlds, she never seemed to want for much. She was pretty naive and didn’t realize how greedy her family was. They knew she was smart and wanted her to learn how to patch people up, so they sent her to Osiris for some schoolin. Afterwards, she was to come back and work for them.

She excelled in school and got several offers of work, but she turned them down and went back home to work for her family. She wanted to see the stars, but was loyal to her family. It was a move she regretted.

Once she got home, her family put her to work, but they wouldn’t allow her to treat just anyone. She was only allowed to fix those that had the money to pay for it. Because of this, she started to resent her family and wanted to get away.

She was always at odds with herself. She wanted to be loyal to her family, but she also took an oath to help those that needed it. She decided to do what she thought was right. So when she wasn’t working for her family, she started sneaking out to help some of the people that couldn’t afford her family’s price. Everything went fine for a while, until her brothers heard rumors that she was doing business on the side and followed her. Feeling like she was betraying her family, they told the rest of the family. When she was confronted by her folks, they forbid her from treating those that couldn’t pay their ‘fair’ share. She threatened to leave, but her family wouldn’t stand for it and locked her in a storm cellar.

While down there she started to hear screams and gunshots. Peering out from the darkness that was her prison, she saw them… REAVERS! She watched them rape, shred, skin and other things too horrible to witness. She pulled herself away and hid in the very back of the cellar behind the fruit and food that was stored down there. The sounds seem to go on forever. Finally it was silent and she heard the ships leave. For whatever reason, the reavers never came into the cellar.

She was in shock and did little more than sit for a couple of days. She snapped out of it on the third day, probably from thirst or hunger and ate some of the food that was stored there. She found a small supply of tools and used them to break her way out of the cellar.

She saw the carnage that was left. Carrion birds, flies and wild dogs scattered as she walked among the dead. She was in shock and wandered away from town. A trader who was heading into town picked her up. She told him to turn around that everyone was dead from reavers. Hearing the word reavers, he did just that. He took her to the nearest town and dropped her off.

Having heard she survived a reaver attack, the townsfolk shunned her for the most part. She booked passage on a ship to go look for work. She found herself at a port and started treating the people there accepting whatever they were willing to pay. It was there she met Captain of there ship she would learn to call home.

Lexi Cooper

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