Joshua Zen

Ship's Engineer ~ Zen and the Art of Gravity-drive Maintenance


Portrayed by: Jaycee Chan

Name: Zhàozhōu Chán (Jōshū/Joshua Zen)
(Above and beyond all/Outstanding-brilliant/after a region in Henan)

Hometown: Ransom, Zephyr Valley
Home Planet: Hera

(Deceased) Father: Kong Jin-Sang Chan (Jim Chan)
(Bright-Void/Aid-truth-benevolence/after a region in Henan)

Mother: Feng Jia Li (Lin) Chan (Joy Lee Chan)
(Maple-Phoenix/Good-beautiful/(Forest)/after a region in Henan)

Younger Sister: Ying-Hua Cheng-Kai Li Chan (Blossom Chan)
(Cherry Blossom/Good-beautiful/after a region in Henan)

“Adopted Little sister”: Verity Zephyr


“The engines can handle it; my baby is strong and tough. She can do it. She got a strong heart, it is beating strong and true.”

Joshua Zen

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