Jim Chan

Josh Zen's father (Deceased)


Portrayed by Jackie Chan

(Jim Chan)
Kong Jin-Sang Chan
(Bright-Void/Aid-truth-benevolence/after a region in Henan)


Town: Ransom
Planet: Hera

In the war with Patch.

(I borrow this section from Wendy’s history of Patch.):

“Chen! Nee Tzao Se Mah? Tian Fuhn Di Fu. Jio Weh Sung Chiuh![You wanna die? Everything’s crazy. Retreat!]” An explosion rocked the ground, raining dirt and debris around them.

The small man turned to look back at his commanding officer. “My family! This my village! Dohn-ma[Understand]?”

The anguish was clear on his face and it only took a heartbeat for Fields to join him, running towards the cluster of buildings.

They found them, huddled in a back room, or what was left of it. Chen’s wife was cradling a girl whose scalp was covered in blood. She rocked back and forth, singing what sounded like a lullaby.

A young man stood as they approached, brandishing a broken board in his hand, shaking with fear.

“Father!” The younger Chen dropped the board, not noticing the other man with him at first.

There was no time for introductions. Chen helped his wife stand, but she cried out in pain. Her ankle twisted in a way that ankles aren’t supposed to. The girl started to cry, adding to the tear tracks covering her cheeks.

Fields swore under his breath, the direness of the situation making him forget his manners in front of women and children. “There ain’t no part of this that’s good. We need to make tracks and now. Chen, you carry the little one.” He stepped forward, tugging at his helmet in greeting.

“Ma’am. Much as I’d like to get acquainted first, ain’t no time.” With that, he bent and picked up Chen’s wife, arranging her across his shoulders. He looked at the young man. “Get ready to run Jien Ta Duh Guay[Like you’ve seen your ghost]. Stick close.”

The young man looked at his father who nodded, telling him, “Do what Captain Fields says. We will be all fine. Rung Tse Fwo Tzoo Bao Yo Wuo Muhn[Merciful Buddha protect us].”

They made it to the transport. Some might say God was watching out for them, but Patch Fields knew it was better to run fast and keep your head down instead of waiting around for divine aid.

Fields turned, scanning what remained of the village, looking to see if there were more survivors when a ship flew overhead, far too low for comfort. The crash took out what was left of the temple. Perhaps the oath that followed was appropriate under those circumstances. Fields was off and running before the debris settled, Chen not more than two steps behind him, despite his family needing him, too. Fields didn’t expect anything less.

He raised his arm against the blast of hot air from an explosion that took off most of the starboard side. At least that answered how they were going to get inside. He pulled up his bandana around his face as he shouted instructions. At first, he’d been ribbed by the men about it, told there were no cows where they were going. That bandana had been in turns a sling, a tourniquet, a bandage, a poke and now, an air filter. The japes hadn’t lasted long. Soldiers arrived with fire extinguishers, smothering the flames in thick gas. They climbed into the wreckage, hopes dwindling with every minute.

Chen hadn’t been so lucky. He had been caught in another explosion when the heat found the reserve fuel tank. Fields and the girl he’d found had been thrown by the blast and by the time Fields got back to his friend, there was nothing to do but look him in the eye and wait for those last moments. Promise me. Look after Zhàozhōu[Joshua]. He’d promised.

(Thank you, Wendy.)

Jim Chan

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