Serenity: Who's running this Asylum?

Lexi's Thoughts from the last game

Hera, we never should have come here… I should have never come here. The Alliance is everywhere. The second we saw that blockade, we should have left, should have run. Now I’m trapped. I can’t stay and I can’t go.

No one is allowed off planet except for them. So I can’t even get passage aboard another ship to get away. They’re on board; the Captain just lets them in. Says they’re not really working for the Alliance. They wear their colors, they walk the walk, they collect their pay. They are Alliance and so are we.

I was to scream at them. I want to rip them apart. The Alliance made them… They made the things that killed my family, killed my friends, killed my neighbors… and they’re everywhere.

What are we doing…?



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