Serenity: Who's running this Asylum?

Lexi's Thoughts from 09/24/11

At first I thought the wave on the cortex terminal was some sort fiction tale – not real. Then I saw him… Dr. Simon Tam. I knew him from school. How can he be in this vid. Was this something going on for real? How could Simon be in this mess.

I can’t even think about some of the things I saw on that feed. Folks from my home attacked again by those things. I can still hear my family’s screams. All that pain caused by the Alliance. I can’t even blame the things that did the killin. They was folks. Folks till the Alliance messed with em. Till the Alliance turned them into those things.

And what they did to Simon’s sis… That was just as bad. From the wave it sounds like River wasn’t the only one. I hope the others get out. I have a feelin’ that we ain’t heard the last of ’em though.

Seems like there’s another fight comin’. I may not be good at fightin’, but least I can patch those up that are. I just hope I can keep my head together enough to help.



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