Serenity: Who's running this Asylum?

Josiah's take 11/9/24

The whole ‘verse just went nuts. We were dockside in Persephone, getting some R&R (but mostly just getting whiskey), when the cortex terminal was taken over. All the cortex terminals in the gorram ‘verse were taken over at the same time. The wave told the story of the crew of Serenity, who discovered the cause of the Reavers. It turns out that the Alliance created ‘em in an attempt to weed out our sins. It happened on a planet named Miranda that apparently doesn’t even show up on any maps. They introduced a chemical in the air. It made most folk lay down and die, and those who were left became the Reavers.

I spent the wave looking for the angle. I figured someone’s trying to make a buck here somewhere: cause a panic and then end the wave with some way to order the tin hats that’ll surely protect one’s kith and kin. None of it happened. Raven thought I was crazy when I talked about hailing Fanty and Mingo – we had seen them die in the wave – but I wanted to say, this is cinema, not news. She was right in the end, though. I’ll miss the two of them, finishin’ each other’s sentences and making good deals. They were good men.

Needless to say, things were not shiny outside. Riots exploded all over the planet, the whole ‘verse even, and it was impossible to get a call out. I escorted Raven to see one of her “contacts,” and after the meeting she announced that the Alliance doesn’t have any clue what’s going on, either. The Alliance can all Chui Se for all I care.

We picked up a few passengers during our quick exit from the docks. One of ‘em, a hoity-toity fellow, looks suspicious, but I want to check both of them out. We’re all set to join the new rebellion, so I’d like to go through the cortex and my data library to see if I can learn a few things about soldier’n before I sign up. I missed the last war on account of being caught by those Chai Neow friends of mine back on Beaumont, and now maybe I can do the right thing.



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